September 13, 2016

About Me

Hello there and welcome to my blog!


My name is Kristina, you can also call me Kri as people around usually do. I live in Boston with my husband Alex. I’m a foodie, meaning I love, enjoy, cook and appreciate food. I believe cooking shouldn’t be a chore because it actually is fun, especially when you creating something new or simply trying new things in a good company. What I love about food the most – it’s an experience, it makes us richer and it brings us together. You simply want to gather, drink beer or wine, laugh a lot and eat good food. That simple.

When I’m not cooking, I’m probably mountain hiking with my husband. We love living in New England as we are surrounded by beautiful nature and can experience all seasons, and you know, each season brings its own flavor. We love taking road or plane trips and travel across the country, explore new places and of course, new food. I enjoy riding my bike among the shore and picnicking with a view, maybe it has something to do with food again huh. My favorite meal is breakfast, my favorite food is tapas/small plates and my favorite fruit and vegetable is avocado. I choose not to eat meat but love seafood, so my recipes are vegetarian and pescatarian.

I hope you can find recipes you like on my blog!

Kind regards, Kri.